Convocatoria SysMusGraz a participar en investigación

Compartimos con la comunidad educativa y científica la convocatoria de nuestros colegas en la Universidad de Graz para participar de una investigación.

As part of a research project at the Centre for Systematic Musicology of the University of Graz (in collaboration with the Universities of Padova and Vienna), we are looking for volunteers to complete an anonymous, short questionnaire (8-10 min).

The aim of the study is to validate a new scale that examines the relationship between musical creativity and social behaviour: From those who are just starting to create music informally to professional composers, everyone is welcome to participate.

By completing the questionnaire, you have the chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (100€ / 50€ / 25€ Amazon voucher).

The procedure was approved by the ethics commission of the University of Graz.

Here is the link to participate:

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