The following information differs slightly from, and replaces, any previous information about symposia.

We welcome symposium submissions from all colleagues whose talk/poster submissions were accepted as long or short talks (“papers”). One person can be chair of only one symposium, but can participate in any number. If you make two symposium submissions, we will choose one of them.

Please send your submission/s as word attachment or text-only email to with subject line “Symposium submission: (Title of your symposium)” by 20 March 2018. If you are unable to meet this deadline, let us know as soon as possible. Results will be announced on 15 April 2018.

Format of submissions:

  1. Title of symposium (30-80 characters)
  2. Hub
  3. Chair and affiliation
  4. Outline (200 words)
  5. Up to 5 references (APA format)
  6. Authors and titles of all presentations in the symposium including the first talk by the chair, with titles corresponding to accepted talks.
  7. Any comments or special requests

When putting together your symposium, please note the following.

  1. We are confidentially providing a list of all talk/poster submissions that were accepted as long or short talks (attached excel file). Any first author on this list may contact any other first author on the list with an invitation to participate in a symposium. We recommend looking up publications in Google Scholar before sending invitations.
  2. The ICMPC «Guidelines for Conference Organisers» indicate that “Preference will be given to symposia including speakers from different labs, countries, cultures, and/or disciplines.” In the call for papers we wrote: “Symposium submissions will be evaluated by hub organizers in terms of thematic coherence, diversity and global distribution of researchers or research groups, interest of topic, proposer’s organizing and presenting ability, and available space in the program.” We reserve the right to suggest changes to and/or to reject any symposium submission for any of these reasons.
  3. Symposia will happen locally at all hubs during the second half of the conference. They will include videos of talks given in the first half.
  4. The first talk in a symposium will be presented live by the symposium chair. No more than one further talk may be presented locally. The local talks will be live streamed. The other 2-3 talks will be video recordings of presentations from other hubs. The total number of talks will be 3, 4 or 5, and the total duration will be 80-120 minutes. Long talks (timeslot 30 min, talk 20 min) and short talks (timeslot 20 min, talk 15 min) will be mixed; timing problems will be solved by the organizers.
  5. The chair will speak before and after each talk/video and moderate the discussion. During the discussion after each talk, video authors in remote locations will have the opportunity to answer questions acoustically or in writing, depending on time differences.