ICMPC15/ESCOM10 – Sede La Plata – Payment (Only residents in Argentina)

Only Residents in Argentina 

The payment platform allows to pay several registrations of the same category in a single payment. You should add «Beneficiary» by clicking «+» below the payment data. If the person who pays is also a beneficiary, they should not forget to tick the corresponding box «The person who pays is also beneficiary». If the persons registered belong to different categories of participation, the person who pays should make separate payments for each participant.

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ICMPC15/ESCOM10 – ONLY Residents en Argentina >>>>


Once you have completed the payment do not forget to fill-in the registration form in order to register at La Plata hub.
If you have any problem or question with the payment form and/or registration send an email to: icmpc2018.laplata@gmail.com

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